Monday, May 28, 2018
PS2 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Welding Amphitheater

PS2 2:00 PM 319 Effect of Welds on the Fatigue Behaviour of Austenitic Stainless Steel > A. Andrew WISBEY 2:20 PM 623 Revisiting multiaxial fatigue crack growth criteria based on explicit description of the 3D crack path : the case of welded Ti17-Ti6242 Titanium alloys > A. Alain Koster 2:40 PM 188 Changing in Fatigue Life of 300 M Bainitic Steel After Laser Carburizing an Plasma Nitriding > A. Antonio Jorge Abdalla 3:00 PM 422 Notch effect of welded joint > V. Vladimir Chmelko 3:20 PM 45 Fatigue Behavior of 590MPa TS Galvanneal Coated Sheet Steel Laser Welded Blanks > S. Shrikant Bhat 3:40 PM 595 Multiaxial Fatigue Life Evaluation of Dissimilar Joints between Ti60 and TC17 titanium alloys

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