Very High Cycle Fatigue

Monday, May 28, 2018
PS5 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Very High Cycle Fatigue Room C

PS5 2:00 PM 186 A study on crack initiation and fracture mechanisms in high cycle and very high cycle fatigue regimes for a dual-phase steel > N. Noushin TORABIAN 2:20 PM 194 Inclusion initiated fracture under cyclic torsion and cyclic tension VHCF loading at different load ratios > H. Herwig MAYER 2:40 PM 90 Influence of the Residual Stress State on the Fatigue Crack Initiation in the Very High Cycle Fatigue Range > K-H. Karl-Heinz LANG 3:00 PM 302 Effect of the Environment on Void-Controlled Fatigue Crack Nucleation and Propagation in Ni Microbeams > A. Alejandro BARRIOS SANTOS 3:20 PM 79 Very high cycle fatigue crack initiation in high-strength steels: influence of local plasticity > E. Eberhard KERSCHER 3:40 PM 214 The influential factors on the very high cycle fatigue testing results > P. Peng WENJIE

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