New trends for fatigue design of structures (SF2M)

Monday, May 28, 2018
PS12 4:30 PM > 6:30 PM New trends for fatigue design of structures (SF2M) Room B

PS12 4:30 PM 508 Automotive cylinder heads: recent advances on Thermal-Mechanical Fatigue design and upcoming challenges (Keynote Lecture) > L. Luc REMY, F. Fabien SZMYTKA 5:10 PM 569 Rapid estimation of Notch Stress Intensity Factors in 3D large-scale welded structures using the peak stress method > G. Giovanni MENEGHETTI 5:30 PM 37 Accurate Prediction of short and long-term Performance of Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic > J. Julien CATHELIN 5:50 PM 34 Cost effective strategy using Kriging surrogates to compute fatigue at multiple locations of a structure: Application to offshore wind turbine certification > Q. Quentin HUCHET

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