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Sunday, Sunday, May 27, 2018
R1 4:00 PM > 6:00 PM Registration HALL
WR 6:30 PM > 8:00 PM Welcome reception HALL
Monday, Monday, May 28, 2018
R2 8:30 AM > 5:00 PM Registration HALL
S1 8:30 AM > 6:30 PM Exhibition MAIL
8:30 AM INT3 Exhibition blablablabla
OC 9:30 AM > 10:15 AM Opening ceremony Main Amphitheater
OC Roland Fortunier, Director of ISAE-ENSMA Yves Jean, President of Université de Poitiers Marion Blin, Regional Direction of CNRS Yves Gervais, Director of Pprime Representative of Région Nouvelle Aquitaine Representative of Grand Poitiers Eric Le Bourhis, President of SF2M 9:30 AM INT2 Welcome address > G. Gilbert HÉNAFF 9:45 AM INT1 > A. Anders BLOM
PL1 10:15 AM > 12:30 PM Plenary Lectures Main Amphitheater
  • Chair : G. Gilbert HÉNAFF
PL1 10:15 AM 664 Fatigue in design and continued airworthiness of Airbus aircraft > A. Alain SANTGERMA 11:00 AM 662 Very-High-Cycle Fatigue in Metallic Materials: Knowns and Unknowns > Y. Youshi HONG 11:45 AM 521 Fatigue Behavior of Additively Manufactured Metals: Recent Experimental Data and Analysis for Ti-6V-4Al Considering Various Processing and Loading Direction Effects > A. Ali Fatemi
L1 12:30 PM > 2:00 PM Lunch Restaurant
PS2 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Welding Amphitheater
  • Chair : P. Padraig MAC ARDGHAIL
PS2 2:00 PM 319 Effect of Welds on the Fatigue Behaviour of Austenitic Stainless Steel > A. Andrew WISBEY 2:20 PM 623 Revisiting multiaxial fatigue crack growth criteria based on explicit description of the 3D crack path : the case of welded Ti17-Ti6242 Titanium alloys > A. Alain Koster 2:40 PM 188 Changing in Fatigue Life of 300 M Bainitic Steel After Laser Carburizing an Plasma Nitriding > A. Antonio Jorge Abdalla 3:00 PM 422 Notch effect of welded joint > V. Vladimir Chmelko 3:20 PM 45 Fatigue Behavior of 590MPa TS Galvanneal Coated Sheet Steel Laser Welded Blanks > S. Shrikant Bhat 3:40 PM 595 Multiaxial Fatigue Life Evaluation of Dissimilar Joints between Ti60 and TC17 titanium alloys
PS1 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Fatigue of Structures / Vibrations / In service fatigue failures Main Amphitheater
  • Chair : D. Daniel KUJAWSKI
PS1 2:00 PM 391 Fatigue Limit of Transversely Loaded Tapped Holes in Unalloyed Steel Structures > T. Tobias PAWLOWITZ 2:20 PM 223 Methods for Structural Stress Determination according to EN 13445-3 Annex NA – Comparison with other Codes for Unfired Pressure Vessels > R. Ralf TRIEGLAFF 2:40 PM 535 Failure Analysis of Hoist Wire Rope of Hot Metal Ladle Crane > U. Urbi Pal 3:00 PM 175 Characterization of the long-term mechanical behavior and the durability of mooring polyamide ropes for floating wind turbines > Y. Yoan CHEVILLOTTE 3:20 PM 330 Fatigue damage evolution in coated steel cables under bending loading > M. Matthieu Bonneric 3:40 PM 96 Simulation of Structure Dynamic Stress under Multi-load Condition in Resonance State > F. Fansong LI
PS3 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Cyclic deformation mechanisms and cyclic stress-strain behavior Room A
  • Chair : M. Marion RISBET
PS3 2:00 PM 324 Effects of thermomechanical history and environment on the fatigue behaviour of (ß)Ti-Nb implant alloys > A. André RECK 2:20 PM 594 Fatigue life time modelling of Cu and Au fine wires > G. Golta KHATIBI 2:40 PM 424 Ageing Behaviour of A356 - T7 Cast Aluminium Alloy and Its Role In Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Life Prediction > J. Johan AHLSTRÖM 3:00 PM 554 Combined study of dislocation dynamics of copper single crystals under cycling loading: acoustic emission and microstructural characterizations. > G. Gabriel L'HÔTE 3:20 PM 556 DSI/DIC-based studies of grain-scale mechanical behavior and damage evolution of a ferrite-pearlite steel subjected to low-cycle fatigue > D. Duyi YE
PS4 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Additive manufacturing Room B
  • Chair : A. Anthony ROLLETT
PS4 2:00 PM 401 Effect of defects on fatigue strength of additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V alloy at elevated temperature > T. Toshifumi KAKIUCHI 2:20 PM 197 Influence of as-built surface on fatigue strength and notch sensitivity of Ti6Al4V alloy produced by DMLS > R. Radomila KONECNA 2:40 PM 169 Fatigue mechanisms of Ti-6Al-4V cellular structures fabricated by Electron Beam Melting > T. Théo PERSENOT 3:00 PM 162 Qualification of selective laser melted Al alloys against fatigue damage by means of measurement and modelling techniques > M. Mustafa MAMDUH MUSTAFA AWD 3:20 PM 575 Impact of surface integrity and microstructure on fatigue behavior of selectively laser melted AlSi10Mg > J. Julius N DOMFANG NGNEKOU 3:40 PM 381 Evaluation on High Cycle Fatigue properties of Ti6Al4V Alloy produced by Selective Laser Melting > H. Huichen YU
PS5 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Very High Cycle Fatigue Room C
  • Chair : V. Veronique FAVIER
PS5 2:00 PM 186 A study on crack initiation and fracture mechanisms in high cycle and very high cycle fatigue regimes for a dual-phase steel > N. Noushin TORABIAN 2:20 PM 194 Inclusion initiated fracture under cyclic torsion and cyclic tension VHCF loading at different load ratios > H. Herwig MAYER 2:40 PM 90 Influence of the Residual Stress State on the Fatigue Crack Initiation in the Very High Cycle Fatigue Range > K-H. Karl-Heinz LANG 3:00 PM 302 Effect of the Environment on Void-Controlled Fatigue Crack Nucleation and Propagation in Ni Microbeams > A. Alejandro BARRIOS SANTOS 3:20 PM 79 Very high cycle fatigue crack initiation in high-strength steels: influence of local plasticity > E. Eberhard KERSCHER 3:40 PM 214 The influential factors on the very high cycle fatigue testing results > P. Peng WENJIE
PS6 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Crack initiation process and first stages of crack propagation Room D
  • Chair : T. Tilmann BECK
PS6 2:00 PM 18 Alloy Microstructure and Corrosion Morphology Effects on Fatigue Crack Initiation of Galvanically Coupled AA7050-T7451 > J. James T. BURNS 2:20 PM 17 Crack initiation and growth in the novel titanium alloy Ti-407 > W. Will DAVEY 2:40 PM 237 Multiscale Characteristics for Fatigue Crack Initiation in a Titanium Alloy with Equiaxed Microstructure > Y. Youshi HONG 3:00 PM 177 Dislocation interactions beneath crack nucleation during low cycle fatigue of Titanium alloy Ti-6242Si > D. David DYE 3:40 PM 157 Effect of grain boundaries on fatigue crack growth for aluminum bi-crystals.
PS7 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Low Cycle Fatigue Room E
  • Chair : M. Michael VORMWALD
PS7 2:00 PM 126 Evaluation of notch effects in low cycle fatigue of Alloy 718 using critical distances > R. Robert ERIKSSON 2:20 PM 200 Low cycle fatigue of 316L stainless steel processed by Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment (SMAT) > Z. Zhidan SUN 2:40 PM 4 Low Cycle Fatigue behavior of Structural Steel in the Form of Modified Manson-Coffin Equation > Y. Yu JIAO 3:00 PM 541 Influence of pores and their arrangement with respect to loading direction on high temperature low cycle fatigue of single crystal Ni-base superalloys > C. Carla MEID 3:20 PM 231 Fatigue behaviour of ultra-high strength austenitic-martensitic steels obtained by novel Q&P processing > M. Matthias DROSTE
PS8 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM High Cycle Fatigue, Fatigue at notches Room F
  • Chair : G. Gunnar HÄRKEGÅRD
PS8 2:00 PM 566 Fatigue testing and damage analysis of a wrought Ti6Al4V alloy with different surface treatments > A. Andreas Tesch 2:40 PM 30 Weak fatigue notch sensitivity in a biomedical titanium alloy exhibiting nonlinear elasticity > J. jinrui zhang 3:00 PM 456 Fatigue failure criterion of Ti-6Al-4V irregular sheet specimens for vibration-based fatigue testing > Y. Yuhuai He 3:20 PM 46 Fatigue behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V alloy modified by plasma immersion ion implantation: temperature effect > V. Verônica VELLOSO 3:40 PM 282 The fatigue behavior of new particle reinforced β- Ti composites for biomedical applications
B1 4:00 PM > 4:30 PM Break HALL
PS10 4:30 PM > 6:30 PM Cyclic deformation mechanisms and cyclic stress-strain behavior Amphitheater
  • Chair : J. Jaroslav POLÁK
PS10 4:30 PM 19 The “quasi-stationary” nature of "steady-state“ deformation in cyclic saturation > H. Hael MUGHRABI 4:50 PM 451 Comparison of operative deformation systems in bi-modal Ti-6Al-4V under fatigue, dwell-fatigue and creep loadings > C. Cyril Lavogiez 5:10 PM 165 Cyclic deformation of polycrystalline TRIP stainless steel micropillars > J. Joan Josep ROA ROVIRA 5:30 PM 348 Modelling the Response of FCC Single Crystal under Cyclic Loading Informed by Dislocation Structures > G. Gustavo M CASTELLUCCIO 5:50 PM 54 Determinant effect of short range ordering on the monotonic and cyclic deformation mechanisms of Cu-Mn Alloys > X. Xiaowu LI 6:10 PM 511 Uniaxial Cyclic Deformation Behaviour of Interstitial-Free Steel under Asymmetric Loading Condition
PS9 4:30 PM > 6:30 PM Fatigue of Structures / Vibrations / In service fatigue failures Main Amphitheater
  • Chair : L. Luis REIS
PS9 4:30 PM 434 Experimental and computational high-cycle fatigue analysis of seam weld-bonded steel joints under variable loadings > I. Ida RAOULT 4:50 PM 50 Fatigue behavior of an harmonic structured designed austensitic stainless steel > Z. Zhe ZHANG 5:10 PM 498 Test bench development for vibratory fatigue experiments of a cantilever beam with an electrodynamic shaker > A. Aymeric APPERT 5:30 PM 98 Fatigue Life Prediction of Self-Piercing Rivet Joints between Magnesium and Aluminum Alloys > H-T. Hong-Tae KANG 5:50 PM 99 Significance of Fatigue Damage from Overload Trucks on Bridge Load Rating > B. Bora JANG 6:10 PM 478 Failure analysis of 40 ton hook at Hot Strip Mill: A Safety Issue > S. Souvik DAS
PS11 4:30 PM > 6:30 PM Welding Room A
  • Chair : A. Alessandro BARBINI
PS11 4:30 PM 342 Fast Fatigue Properties Identification Using Infrared Thermography: Application To Naval Welded Joints > L. Loïc CARTERON 4:50 PM 404 Fatigue Life Evaluation of a Maraging Steel with Laser weld and Surface Treatment of Plasma Nitriding > A. Antonio Jorge Abdalla 5:10 PM 51 Residual stress redistribution during elastic-shake-down in welded plates > J. Jazeel Rahman Chukkan 5:30 PM 233 Effect of Femto/Nano-second Laser Peening on Plane Bending Fatigue Property of Friction Stir Welded A2024 > K. Kiyotaka MASAKI
PS12 4:30 PM > 6:30 PM New trends for fatigue design of structures (SF2M) Room B
  • Chair : F. Fabien SZMYTKA
PS12 4:30 PM 508 Automotive cylinder heads: recent advances on Thermal-Mechanical Fatigue design and upcoming challenges (Keynote Lecture) > L. Luc REMY, F. Fabien SZMYTKA 5:10 PM 569 Rapid estimation of Notch Stress Intensity Factors in 3D large-scale welded structures using the peak stress method > G. Giovanni MENEGHETTI 5:30 PM 37 Accurate Prediction of short and long-term Performance of Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic > J. Julien CATHELIN 5:50 PM 34 Cost effective strategy using Kriging surrogates to compute fatigue at multiple locations of a structure: Application to offshore wind turbine certification > Q. Quentin HUCHET
PS13 4:30 PM > 6:30 PM Very High Cycle Fatigue Room C
  • Chairman : S. Stefanie TSCHEGG
PS13 4:30 PM 72 Influence of different surface hardening treatments on fatigue life and crack initiation behavior of a 42CrMo4 stee (Keynote Lecture)l > H. Horst BIERMANN 5:10 PM 193 Nitrided 18Ni maraging steel sheet tested at low and ultrasonic frequency > H. Herwig MAYER 5:30 PM 220 Fatigue life assessment regarding different influences on the HCF/VHCF behavior of a martensitic steel > I. Igor MILOSEVIC 5:50 PM 182 Influence of loading frequency on fatigue damage mechanism and lifetime of AW7075 aluminum alloy > S. Stanislava FINTOVA 6:10 PM 161 Fatigue crack initiation and growth of 100Cr6 steel under cyclic axial loading and torsion loading in very high cycle regime > H. Hongqian XUE
PS14 4:30 PM > 6:30 PM Crack initiation process and first stages of crack propagation Room D
  • Chair : K. Keisuke TANAKA
PS14 4:30 PM 386 Peridynamic Simulation of Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviour with the Interaction of Load and Microstructure > R. Rui BAO 4:50 PM 577 Molecular dynamics simulation of surface cyclic slip irreversibility in vacuum and in oxygen environment in fcc metals > Z. Zhengxuan FAN 5:10 PM 2 A Novel Framework for Reduced-Order Linkages between Microstructures and Fatigue Performance > D. David MCDOWELL 5:30 PM 44 3D Discrete Dislocation Dynamic Investigation on Early Stage of Fatigue Damage for FCC Metals: Effect of Stacking Fault Energy > F. Fanshi MENG 5:50 PM 128 A cyclic slip irreversibility based model for fatigue crack initiation of nickel base alloys > H. Hsin shen HO 6:10 PM 645 Influence of crystal elasticity on the average grain stress/strain distributions and consequences on slip localization and crack initiation in FCC polycrystals > M. Maxime SAUZAY
PS16 4:30 PM > 6:30 PM Growth of short and long cracks - Crack growth thresholds Room F
  • Chair : J. Jaime T P Castro
PS16 4:30 PM 408 On the Transition of Short Cracks into Long Fatigue Cracks in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels > R. Rajwinder Singh 4:50 PM 465 Fatigue Crack Threshold and Growth in γ-TiAl > C. Claire TRANT 5:10 PM 24 A damage tolerant design concept for high strength nodular cast iron > A. Alexander BEZOLD 5:50 PM 181 Influence of oxide induced closure on near-threshold fatigue crack propagation in steel EA4T > P. Pavel POKORNY 6:10 PM 539 Influence of long term thermal exposure on the fatigue crack properties of titanium alloys for aeronautical applications > M. Mandana Arzaghi
PS15 4:30 PM > 6:50 PM Low Cycle Fatigue Room E
  • Chair : L. Ludvik KUNZ
PS15 4:30 PM 264 Effects of mean strain and tensile pre-strain on torsional fatigue behaviors > B. Bingbing LI 4:50 PM 310 Improvement of low cycle fatigue resistance in TWIP steel > C-W. Chen-Wei SHAO 5:10 PM 263 Low cycle fatigue modelling of a cylindrical structure accounting for residual stress and work hardening generated by Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment > J. Jianqiang ZHOU 5:30 PM 262 Low Cycle Fatigue of a Lost Foam Cast Al-Si-Cu alloy: study of the damage mechanisms with X-ray tomography and Digital Volume Correlation > N. Nathalie LIMODIN 5:50 PM 506 Fatigue life enhancement of cast Mg alloy by surface modification in cold spray process > H. Hamid Jahed 6:10 PM 322 Low amplitude-repeated Impact Method and Devices to Simulate the Impact Fatigue Property of Drillstring 6:30 PM 293 Low Cycle Fatigue Characteristic of 12Cr2Mo1R steel used in High-Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor
Tuesday, Tuesday, May 29, 2018
PL2 8:30 AM > 10:00 AM Plenary Lectures Main Amphitheater
  • Chair : P. Patrick VILLECHAISE
PL2 8:30 AM 659 Next generation insights into environmental cracking via coupling high fidelity experimentation, material characterization, and multi-scale modeling approaches > J. James T. BURNS 9:15 AM 663 Applications and Directions of Microstructure-Sensitive Computational Fatigue > D. David MCDOWELL
R3 8:30 AM > 5:00 PM Registration HALL
S2 8:30 AM > 7:00 PM Exhibition MAIL
B2 10:00 AM > 10:30 AM Break HALL
PS18 10:30 AM > 12:10 PM Cyclic deformation mechanisms and cyclic stress-strain behavior Amphitheater
  • Chair : J. Jiří MAN
PS18 10:30 AM 204 In-situ observations of the effect of strain amplitude on structural changes during cyclic deformation by high resolution reciprocal space mapping > W. Wolfgang PANTLEON 10:50 AM 258 Experimental and Numerical Study on Plastic Zone Variation ahead of Fatigue Crack Tip > D. Daoqing ZHOU 11:10 AM 129 Fatigue assessment of brazed stainless steel joints using digital image correlation > A. Anke SCHMIEDT 11:30 AM 375 Fatigue Analysis and Prediction via Fourier Transform of the Stress > V. Valerian Hirschberg 11:50 AM 503 Fast Fourier Transforms based crystal plasticity modeling of Ti-6Al-4V under monotonic and cyclic loadings > S. Samuel HEMERY
PS17 10:30 AM > 12:10 PM Fatigue of Structures / Vibrations / In service fatigue failures Main Amphitheater
  • Chair : A. Andrey SHANYAVSKIY
PS17 10:30 AM 454 Fatigue life assessment of bolted connections > A. Aliou Badara Camara 10:50 AM 11 Reliability based fatigue life estimation of riveted connections considering dependency of failure at critical locations > D. Davide LEONETTI 11:10 AM 23 A novel computational method for efficient evaluation of structural fatigue > V. Vitaliy KINDRACHUK 11:30 AM 654 Fatigue design of cast iron components with surface discontinuities > M. Márton GRÓZA
PS19 10:30 AM > 12:10 PM Welding Room A
  • Chair : J. Jazeel Rahman Chukkan
PS19 10:30 AM 489 Numerical Simulation of the Fatigue Behaviour of a Friction Stirred Channel Aluminium Alloy > V. Virginia INFANTE 10:50 AM 325 A numerical analysis of the degree of non-proportionality in a butt weld specimen considering residual stresses > I. Inigo Llavori 11:10 AM 483 Seam weld shell element model for thin walled structure FE fatigue design > B. Benoit DELATTRE 11:30 AM 440 Spot-weld models for fatigue analysis > F. Florian MAINNEMARE 11:50 AM 338 A corrosion fatigue model for steel catenary risers > R. Ronan Devaney
PS20 10:30 AM > 12:10 PM Corrosion Fatigue & Environmental effects Room B
  • Chair : R. Rui BAO
10:30 AM 578 Modeling of corrosion fatigue crack initiation under passive electrochemical conditions > M. Mohamed El May 10:50 AM 309 The effect of corrosive environment on fatigue life and on the mean stress sensitivity factor > M. Marta MORGANTINI 11:10 AM 555 A Non-Linear Model for Corrosion Fatigue Lifetime Based on Damage Mechanics > J. Jie ZHANG 11:30 AM 227 A finite element and experimental analysis of durability tested springs > Y. Ying Wang
PS21 10:30 AM > 12:10 PM Multi-axial, variable and complex loadings Room C
  • Chair : J. José Alexander ARAÚJO
PS21 10:30 AM 291 Multiaxial fatigue life estimation in low-cycle fatigue regime including the mean stress effect > D. Daniela SCORZA 10:50 AM 49 Experimental and numerical investigation of fatigue crack growth in a rail steel under non-proportional mixed-mode I + II loading. > T. Thomas BONNIOT 11:10 AM 5 Multiaxial life prediction of hydrodynamic plain bearings > H. Henrik WÜNSCH 11:30 AM 75 Characterization of non-proportional fatigue noise in stainless steel 316L > K. Koenraad JANSSENS 11:50 AM 57 Initiation and propagation of cracks in multiaxial fatigue in 316L austenitic steel > T. Tomas KRUML
PS22 10:30 AM > 12:10 PM Very High Cycle Fatigue Room D
  • Chair : H. Hongqian XUE
PS22 10:30 AM 442 The Potential of Self-Tempered Martensite and Bainite in Improving the Fatigue Strength of Thermomechanically Processed Steels > U. Ulrich KRUPP 10:50 AM 118 In situ observation of phase transformation in superelastic NiTiNOL shape memory alloy during ultrasonic fatigue testing > M. Michael FITZKA 11:10 AM 274 Fatigue life under tension/torsion loading in the very high cycle fatigue regime > L. Luis REIS 11:30 AM 389 Influence of microstructural discontinuities on the behavior of long cracks in the VHCF regime for the aluminum alloys EN AW 6082 and EN AW 5083 > T. Tina KIRSTEN 11:50 AM 396 Estimation of titanium alloy durability in VHCF regime under multiaxial loading
PS23 10:30 AM > 12:10 PM Creep-Fatigue interactions / Fatigue at very high temperatures Room E
  • Chair : M. Martin BACHE
PS23 10:30 AM 613 Creep-fatigue interaction in heat resistant austenitic alloys > H. Hugo WÄRNER 10:50 AM 657 Low and high cycle fatigue of heat resistant steels and nickel based alloys in hydrogen for gas, steam turbines and generators applications > A. Alexander BALITSKII 11:10 AM 603 High cycle fatigue of a Ni-based single crystal superalloy at high temperature > A. Alice CERVELLON
PS24 10:30 AM > 12:10 PM New trends for fatigue design of structures (SF2M) Room F
  • Chair : F. Fabien SZMYTKA
PS24 10:30 AM 449 Load spectra and fatigue damage: applications to the automotive industry (Keynote Lecture) > M. Matteo Luca FACCHINETTI 11:10 AM 418 Design, service and testing grounds stress spectra and their using to fatigue life assessment of bus bodyworks > M. Miloslav Kepka 11:30 AM 151 Multi-axial fatigue life assessment of high speed train body based on PDMR method-20170926 > C. Chaotao LIU 11:50 AM 112 A novel approach to simulate the stiffness behavior of spot welded vehicle structures under multi axial variable amplitude loading > P. Peter ROESCH
L2 12:10 PM > 1:20 PM Lunch Restaurant
PS26 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Cyclic deformation mechanisms and cyclic stress-strain behavior Amphitheater
  • Chair : T. Tomas KRUML
PS26 2:00 PM 222 On the fatigue behavior of dual-phase high-entropy alloys in the low-cycle fatigue regime > T. Thomas WEGENER 2:20 PM 283 Investigating the fatigue behavior of grain-oriented Fe-3%Si steel sheets using magneto-optical Kerr microscopy and micromagnetic multiparameter, microstructure and stress analysis > S. Shayan DELDAR 2:40 PM 226 Enhanced fatigue damage resistance of a novel nanotwinned grains strengthening 316L stainless steel > Q. Qian LI 3:00 PM 235 Cyclic deformation behavior of CVD carbonyl Ni materials with bimodal grain structures: ultrafine- grains and large grains with ultrafine/nano twins > S. Shaohua FU 3:20 PM 279 Cyclic deformation behaviour and stability of grain-refined 301LN austenitic stainless steel structure > J. Jiří MAN
PS25 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Fatigue of Structures / Vibrations / In service fatigue failures Main Amphitheater
  • Chair : A. Abilio M.P. JESUS
PS25 2:00 PM 563 Multiaxial fatigue assessment of a structural steel joint according to the Peak Stress Method > A. Alberto CAMPAGNOLO 2:20 PM 292 The relevance of non-stationarities and non-Gaussianities in vibration fatigue > M. Martin CESNIK 2:40 PM 328 Fatigue life estimation of a welded structure under random excitation > F. Frédéric KIHM 3:00 PM 462 Variable Amplitude Spectra to Damaging Welded Joints > P. Petr BROZ 3:20 PM 114 Study on preparation method for the severe load spectrum of aircraft > W. Wei XIE 3:40 PM 519 Reliability prediction, scatter-band analysis and fatigue limit assessment of high cycle fatigue properties in EN-GJS700-2 ductile cast iron > M. Mohammad JAMALKHANI KHAMENEH
PS27 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Growth of short and long cracks - Crack growth thresholds Room A
  • Chair : A. Ashok SAXENA
PS27 2:00 PM 301 Power law behavior at every stress intensity factor range for engineering alloys > E. Emiel Amsterdam 2:20 PM 246 Fatigue-Life Prediction Method Based on Small-Crack Theory in Ti6Al4V Alloy Produced by Selective Laser Melting > Z. Zehui Jiao 2:40 PM 333 Fatigue life prediction of steel cable based on crack propagation from surface defects > M. Matthieu Bonneric 3:00 PM 437 Modeling Fatigue Crack Growth by Damage Accumulation Ahead of the Crack Tip Based on Strip-Yield Mechanics > J. Jaime T P Castro 3:20 PM 173 The load ratio effect on the plastic dissipation during fatigue crack growth > H. Hongwei Quan 3:40 PM 460 Uniaxial equivalent of stress and stress intensity factor in Mode I crack opening for fatigued metals subjected to multi parametric external loading > A. Andrey SHANYAVSKIY
PS28 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM High Cycle Fatigue, Fatigue at notches Room B
  • Chair : E. Etienne PESSARD
PS28 2:00 PM 269 Influence of inclusion type and size on the fatigue strength of high strength steels > J. Jens SCHUMACHER 2:20 PM 312 Study of the impact of geometrical defects on the high cycle fatigue behavior of polycrystalline aluminium with different grain sizes > B. Benoît BRACQUART 2:40 PM 41 Fatigue strength characterization of AlSi8Cu3 castings incorporating statistical size-effects > R. Roman AIGNER 3:00 PM 416 The significance of microstructure heterogeneities on the fatigue thresholds of aluminum castings > U. Ulrich KRUPP 3:20 PM 453 The effect of microstructural heterogeneities on the High Cycle Fatigue scatter: from the elementary volume to the structure > D. Driss EL KHOUKHI 3:40 PM 473 Influence of surface finish and porosity on the fatigue behaviour of A356 aluminium casting alloy > R. Raquel HIDALGO
PS29 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Multi-axial, variable and complex loadings Room C
  • Chair : S. Sylvie POMMIER
PS29 2:00 PM 26 Characterization and modelling of both high-cycle and high-temperature fatigue behavior of Stainless Steel Grades > P-O. Pierre-Olivier SANTACREU 2:20 PM 380 An innovative system for uncoupled bending/torsion tests by tri-axis shaker: numerical simulations and experimental results > D. Davide ZANELLATI 2:40 PM 85 Comparing in-service multi-input loads applied on non-stiff components submitted to vibration fatigue to provide specifications for robust design > G. Gwenaelle LE CORRE GENET 3:00 PM 502 Multiaxial fatigue study on steel transversal attachments under constant amplitude proportional and non-proportional loadings > M. Martin GARCIA 3:20 PM 307 PWR Effect on crack initiation under equi-biaxial loading > C. Cedric GOURDIN 3:40 PM 360 A Quantitative Index for Assessing Critical Plane Based Multiaxial Fatigue Damage Models
PS30 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Crack initiation process and first stages of crack propagation Room D
  • Chair : H. Horst BIERMANN
PS30 2:00 PM 430 In-situ 3D characterization of the fracture mechanisms of a Fe-rich Al-Si-Cu alloy by Digital Volume Correlation > A. Angelika BRUECKNER-FOIT 2:20 PM 548 A specific signature of fatigue cracking in metallic materials: simultaneous Acoustic Emission and Digital Image Correlation monitoring. > S. Stéphanie DESCHANEL 2:40 PM 371 The setup and application of the multi-scale in-situ test system for fatigue damage analysis > Y. YI Shi 3:00 PM 526 Some advances on strain location, irreversibility of strain and crack initiation in f.c.c. alloys > M. Marion RISBET 3:20 PM 557 Changing Mechanisms of Surface Relief and the Damage Evaluation of Low Cycle Fatigued Austenitic Stainless Steel > N. Nao FUJIMURA 3:40 PM 232 Influence of local grain orientation on the high-temperature LCF behaviour of polycrystalline Nickelbase Superalloys > B. Benedikt ENGEL
PS31 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Low Cycle Fatigue Room E
  • Chairman : A. Antonio MATEO
PS31 2:00 PM 484 Effect of thermal and environmental barrier coating system on low cycle fatigue behaviour of MAR-M247 superalloy at 900°C > K. Karel OBRTLIK 2:20 PM 268 Influence of microstructure on the cyclic stress-strain behavior and fatigue life in hypo-eutectic aluminum cast alloys > J. Jochen TENKAMP 2:40 PM 373 Microstructural influence on low-cycle fatigue resistance of coiled tubing steel > K-M. Kyung-Min NOH 3:00 PM 417 Low cycle fatigue life prediction of steel corrugated thin-walled tubes by using a simplified method > J-B. Jean-Baptiste LE BAIL 3:20 PM 446 Effect of hydride content and orientation on low cycle fatigue behavior of zirconium alloy cladding tubes > J. Jianghua LI 3:40 PM 621 Physically-based predictions of the cyclic softening behavior of martensitic steels. Comparison with experimental data > M. Maxime SAUZAY
PS32 2:00 PM > 4:00 PM Fatigue of polymers and elastomers Room F
  • Chair : J. Jan PODUSKA
PS32 2:00 PM 320 Fatigue life of recycled polymer blends obtained from plastic wastes > J. Jia HUANG 2:20 PM 344 Fatigue behaviour of PEEK manufactured by Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) > M. Mallory WITTWER 2:40 PM 419 Fatigue Behavior of High Density Polyethylene: Effects of Temperature, Mean Stress, and Manufacturing Method > A. Ali Fatemi 3:20 PM 636 Characterization of the superficial fatigue of a polymer in the case of a ball joint under cyclic loading > H. Hamid MAKICH 3:40 PM 656 Effect of UV Ageing on the fatigue life of bulk polyethylene > H. Hamza LAMNII
B3 4:00 PM > 4:30 PM Break HALL
PS34 4:30 PM > 6:30 PM Cyclic deformation mechanisms and cyclic stress-strain behavior Amphitheater
  • Chair : V. Véronique AUBIN
PS34 4:30 PM 109 Multi-scale approach of the consequences of hydrogen on cyclic behaviour of <001> nickel single crystals > A. Abdelali OUDRISS 4:50 PM 317 Dislocation-based modeling of high temperature deformation and fatigue in P92 ferritic-martensitic steels > F. Farshad ROOHBAKHSHAN 5:10 PM 62 Study of the low cycle fatigue behavior of the IRIS alloy at high temperatures > S. Soumaya NAANANI 5:30 PM 641 Fatigue life improvement through low temperature closed-die forging of cast ZK60 Mg alloy for automotive applications > S. Seyyed Mohamad Hasan KARPARVARFARD 5:50 PM 74 Influence of the stacking fault energy and temperature on the prestrain memory effect of face centered cubic metal submitted to cyclic loadings > C. Clément KELLER 6:10 PM 89 Plastic deformation mechanisms of Cu-Ni alloys under monotonic and cyclic loading: Competitive effect of stacking fault energy and short-range clusteringring > D. Dong HAN
PS37 4:30 PM > 6:30 PM Multi-axial, variable and complex loadings Room C
  • Chair : F. Franck MOREL
PS37 4:30 PM 349 Performance of chosen multiaxial cycle counting method under non-proportional multiaxial variable loading. > D. Dominik BÍRO 4:50 PM 631 Short versus long cracks fatigue crack growth rate, a novel experimental approach > B. Besnik SADRIJI 5:10 PM 598 A new multiaxial fatigue damage model based only on S-N curve parameters > A. Ashish AERAN 5:30 PM 256 Ductile Damage Evolution Law under Proportional and Non-proportional Cyclic Loading > R. Riccardo FINCATO 5:50 PM 280 The effect of mean axial and torsional stresses on the fatigue strength of 34CrNiMo6 high strength steel
PS38 4:30 PM > 6:30 PM Crack initiation process and first stages of crack propagation Room D
  • Chair : N. Nathalie LIMODIN
PS38 4:30 PM 168 Early damage and fatigue crack initiation at ambient and elevated temperatures (Keynote Lecture) > J. Jaroslav POLÁK 5:10 PM 80 Mechanism of intrusion-extrusion formation in a 12 Cr martensitic steel > J-B. Jean-Bernard Vogt 5:30 PM 234 Shear Fatigue Properties of Fe and Fe-3Si Single Crystals > M. Mamoru HAYAKAWA 5:50 PM 36 Prediction of intergranular micro-cracks initiation induced by the impingement of persistent slip bands on grain boundaries > J. Jérôme HAZAN 6:10 PM 377 Shear-mode Crack Initiation in Martensitic Microstructures > K. Kentaro WADA
PS39 4:30 PM > 6:30 PM Low Cycle Fatigue Room E
  • Chair : M. Matteo Luca FACCHINETTI
PS39 4:30 PM 582 On the triaxiality and lode angle dependency of ultra-low cycle fatigue damage of pipeline steels > J. José A.F.O. Correia 4:50 PM 618 Fatigue Crack Growth modeling including Crack to pores interactions in a Lost Foam cast AlSi7Cu3Mg aluminum > V. Vincent Maurel 5:10 PM 139 Strain characterisyics of non-ferrous metals obtained on the basic of different loads > T. Tadeusz LAGODA 5:30 PM 655 On the Frequency Effect of a Stochastic Model for Fatigue Damage > W. Weiran ZHANG 5:50 PM 470 Effect of size of alpha phases on cyclic deformation and fatigue crack initiation during fatigue of an alpha-beta titanium alloy > Q. Qiaoyan SUN 6:10 PM 561 Modeling functional fatigue and two–way shape memory effect in NiTi shape memory alloy > M. Mahmoud BARATI
PS33 4:30 PM > 6:50 PM Fatigue of Structures / Vibrations / In service fatigue failures Main Amphitheater
  • Chair : M. Mirco CHAPETTI
PS33 4:30 PM 243 An interactive cloud-based fatigue analysis tool > D. Daniel KUJAWSKI 4:50 PM 514 Low cycle Fatigue damage mechanisms at high temperature in a lost foam cast AlSi7Cu3Mg aluminium > F. Fabien SZMYTKA 5:10 PM 286 Efficient Fatigue Life Estimation of Structural Assemblies Based on Cyclic Test Data of Individual Parts > M. Markus WINKLBERGER 5:30 PM 122 Assessment of Incidence and Causes of Fatigue of Structures in Nigeria > O. Olufemi OYEDELE 5:50 PM 278 A bandwidth correction to the Allegri-Zhang solution for accelerated random vibration testing > D. Denis BENASCIUTTI 6:10 PM 564 Influence of Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment and Laser Shock Peening on Fatigue Lives of Ti-6Al-4V > A. Anand Kumar SUBRAMANIYAN